Testimoniasl for Lorrie J Peterson - Stockton, CaHappiness is…

When your web designer (in my case, my Mom) finds the missing thumb drive that has your older testimonials that posted on your spa’s online booking system and/or were deleted when Yahoo went through its crisis in the spring of 2016.  Sadly, all of my Yahoo testimonials were deleted (without prior notice) during their 2016 crisis! And the Genbook® testimonials don’t appear on online social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The good news is… booking system reviews are much easier for my clients to post. They don’t have to go through all the hoops the online sites often make you jump through to be able to leave testimonials. And to make matters even worse for the businesses and service providers being reviewed, some of the sites won’t post your reviews until you have submitted  enough reviews on their site to meet their minimum requirements.  Whose got time for all that foolishness?  No one!

There’s more good news regarding testimonials, but I’ll cover that shortly.

As for that missing thumb drive, it was tucked away in one of Mom’s purses and she just found it about 3 weeks ago. Yay!  Since then she has turned those testimonials into images that now appear in the slider… BELOW:

Jessica Govia_slider
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Frances L-1st_slider
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Cindy S
Audrina Smith_slider
Cindy Kluender Strawderman_slider
Ashley Williams_slider
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Tara Castro-Reynon_slider
Rick C_slider
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Alan E
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I’m excited and grateful that these reviews are no longer missing and are being displayed on my website. Thanks, Mom!

Now for the Newest Good News!

Thanks to modern technology my clients can now leave me a voicemail message giving their review, right from my website. No forms to fill-out, No writing… Just clicking a couple of buttons and leaving me a voicemail. Picture of Lorrie J. Peterson

Simply CLICK my picture  and you will be taken to a online page where you may leave your voicemail recording of your testimonial.  Easy-Peasy!

Be advised your review will likely be turned into a social media post and/or added to the slideshow above.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to leave a testimonial.


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