Temperature & Intake Station Procedures – No Longer Required

New COVID Guideline

Safety First, Employees and Clients are Required to Wear a Mask

All Employees and Clients are Required to Wear a Mask

You May Ignore the Information Shown Below:

Temperature & Intake Station Procedures

We Have Eliminated the Temperature & Intake Station at the Spa

You may be asking yourself, what the heck is a temperature & intake station?  Well, it’s similar to the check-in desk at a hotel.  Ours happens to be a self-check-in station.  Before you can go to your spa treatment room, you have a few items of business that need to be taken care of, first.

Sanitize your hands, please!

We have provided hand sanitizer for our clients, it’s located on the intake station table right inside the entrance to the spa, you can’t miss it. Please use this, first, before you take your temperature (more on that in a moment) and before filling-out any required paperwork. Our goal is to prevent the spread of germs and this is the first step in keeping everyone safe.

Take Your Temperature

Once you have used the hand sanitizer you will need to take your temperature. We have provided a temperature gun, along with instructions on how to use it. If your temperature exceeds 99 degrees, you will have to re-schedule your appointment and, unfortunately, will not be seen by a therapist on this visit.

We are sorry about the inconvenience this will undoubtedly cause you, but it’s necessary! One of the first symptom indicators for Covid-19 is running a fever. Due to the severity of this virus, we cannot and will not be taking any chances. Anyone with a fever may not receive spa services until such time as their temperature returns to normal.

Tip: We recommend you take your temperature at home, before leaving for the spa. If your temp is higher than 99.0 degrees, you can simply call the spa and cancel your appointment. That way it will save you the time and effort of driving to the spa, only to be turned away because you’re spiking a fever.

Read, Sign and Date the Hands On Healing Release Form

Once you have verified that you are not spiking a fever, your next check-in item is to complete some mandatory paperwork. If this is your first visit to the spa since our re-opening on July 1st, you will need to Read, Sign and Date the Hands On Healing Release Form. You will only be required to complete this form once.  Staff will attach this form to your spa records for safe keeping.

Read, Sign and Date the 3-Question Form

The second form that you must complete, each-and-every time you visit the spa, it our 3-Question Form. Every client must Read, fully Answer 3 Questions about their health and any potential exposure to persons who have tested positive to Covid-19. Once you have answered all 3 questions, you will need to Sign and Date the Form.

The temperature & intake station is likely going to be a permanent fixture at the spa. Suffice it to say that it is part and parcel in the establishment of the spa’s new normal.

Today, every person on planet earth is being required to make adjustments due to Covid-19. We may not like it, (humans tend to resist change) and it may take some time to get used to all the changes, no doubt.  With acceptance and patience, it will be relatively easy to achieve. We happen to believe that the implementation of our Temperature & Intake Station is one of the easiest safety changes to assimilate.

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