Reiki Energy Healing – A Gentle, Yet Powerful, Therapy Modality

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

One of the most popular, present-day, healing modalities is Reiki Energy Healing. Reiki is a Japanese form of laying-on-of-hands healing and it’s pronounced, thusly… Ray-key. We’re fortunate to live in an era where people are returning to traditional holistic forms of healing.  This phenomenon is due, in large part, to people not receiving the results they desired by today’s modern medicine therapies. In other words, people who finally get fed-up with medical treatments that aren’t working, are now turning to Reiki in search of relief and healing.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki isn’t new. It’s been around for centuries and its origins reside in Japan. The Reiki tradition I was taught is that of Usui Reiki.  You may read about the History of Usui Reiki and its founder, Dr. Makao Usui and the lineage of my training… here:

Every human being on planet earth, has within themselves, the power to heal. Some things seem to heal themselves, such as small cuts, blisters and the common cold. All a person needs to do is basic things like keeping a wound clean, applying an antiseptic cream or lotion and a band aid, or to rest and stay hydrated and their condition will often heal itself and disappear.  Other ailments, whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, tend to require additional healing aids to bring about the desired healing. The beauty of Reiki energy healing is that it addresses all aspects of the human condition, one’s body, mind and spirit, rather than just the person’s symptoms.  And, it’s a complimentary healing modality that does not clash with your physician’s treatment plan.

Most people are unaware of how widely accepted Reiki energy healing has become within the medical field. So much so, that Reiki energy healing is conducted in operating rooms, pre-op and post-op rooms in hospitals and surgery centers around the globe.  There have been myriad clinical trials and studies conduction on the efficacy of Reiki energy healing on everything from stress reduction to prevention of organ transplant rejection!  Many physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals are now also trained as Reiki practitioners after having witnessed, firsthand, how well their patients responded to Reiki.

In addition to hospitals and doctor’s offices, Reiki energy healing is incorporated into physical therapy sessions, gyms, chiropractic treatments and many massage therapists, as I am, are also trained and certified practitioners of Reiki.  The best part of getting a massage by a Reiki practitioner is the client automatically receives the Reiki energy healing benefits at no extra charge!  That’s because as soon as a Reiki practitioner places their hands on your body to give you your massage, the Reiki begins to flow through their hands, to you.

The most commonly known benefit of Reiki energy healing is its ability to relieve stress.  And medical science and the professionals that work within the field all know that stress is the root cause of many medical problems.  Chronic stress creates all kinds of health conditions and has been proven to shorten one’s lifespan when it goes untreated.  Stress is the underlying factor of many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. Reiki energy healing addresses the stress and once it’s neutralized, then the symptoms disappear. When you can relieve your stress without taking habit-forming prescriptions while enjoying the soothing, pampering flow of Reiki energy, why wouldn’t you?

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki is spiritual in its essence and is part of the universal life energy of all living things.  It is gentle, soothing and loving and is experienced most frequently as varying degrees of warmth emanating from the practitioner’s hands. Other times the energy is experienced as being cool or cold, sometimes as cold as an ice pack. I find that the cooler sensations are most often experienced when my client has suffered a pulled muscle or a sprain.  The temperature the client feels is not directed by the Reiki practitioner.  The practitioner simply places their hands on the various hand positions of the client’s body and the person receiving the energy, pulls the Reiki into their body and they use it to heal whatever is out of balance or being blocked within their energy systems.  The client’s inherent “inner healer” dictates where the energy flows and how it’s experienced by the person receiving the healing treatment.  Often times the temperature the client feels, is different from what the practitioner is experiencing.

What are the Hand Positions Used During a Reiki Session?

Every Reiki practitioner follows the hand positions taught to them by their Reiki Master.  There are a variety of Reiki traditions or schools (Usui, Karuna, Imara etc.) available and each one has a different philosophy and variations of how the practitioner places their hands on (or above) the client’s body. With that having been stated, my training consists of hand positions placed directly on the torso, head and back of the body and if the client has sustained an injury to their leg(s) there are hands positions for the legs, also. 

My Reiki Masters teach their students to begin by placing their hands on the torso of the body and to keep our hands in each position until the Reiki ceases to flow, before moving to the next hand position.  The rationale behind this mandate is this: The Reiki energy inherently knows what the client’s healing needs are and, as long as the energy is flowing, healing is occurring. So, we’re taught to honor the Reiki by keeping our hands in position until it stops flowing.  My mom is a Reiki Master and did Reiki at a Cancer Center for 7+ years. When she worked on cancer patients, she would typically only get through 2-4 hand positions in an hour session.

The first position hand placement is just below the client’s breasts. From there we walk our hands down the body to the creases where the legs attach to the torso and back up the body to the heart position. (shown in the image above) .  Next, we move to the head where our hands are placed over the eyes, temples, ears and back of the head. Lastly, the client is asked to turn-over (usually with a groan and a, ‘you have got to be kidding me!’ expression) so we may work on their back. The hand positions on the back start at the shoulders and work their way down the back to the tailbone.

The hand positions are almost always the same according to the practitioner’s training.  The only thing that consistently changes is how long the hand positions are held, based on if the client is being seen for an illness or health condition versus at a spa for a stress reduction session. In most cases for person’s receiving Reiki energy healing at a spa, the practitioner will place their hands in every position on the torso, head and back for approximately 5 minutes, in each position, during a 60-minute session.

The Power of Reiki Energy Healing to Address and Relieve Pain

I mentioned earlier that Reiki is well known for relieving stress, and it’s most known, in medical circles, for its ability to relieve pain.  Some of the earliest clinical trials and studies revolved around Reiki and its ability to assist patients with pain management.  My stepdad fought cancer for 3 years and my mom did Reiki on him all the time.  He was a doctor and extolled the benefits of Reiki to the head of the Cancer Center where my mom eventually worked and spearheaded the Reiki program. He told anyone who would listen that receiving Reiki helped him with his pain and the side effects of his various cancer treatments. The patients at the cancer center often expressed their gratitude for Reiki and how it helped them with nausea, pain, anxiety, wound healing, quickly transitioning them from narcotics to over the counter pain medications and more.  One of the things they enjoyed the most is the Reiki helped them get some much needed, restful sleep!

If you are stress-out or dealing with an injury or illness you should give Reiki a try. It can’t hurt and it most certainly can be of great benefit. Remember, if you are experience mental, emotional, spiritual or physical discomfort Reiki Energy Healing can be exactly what your body, mind and spirit needs.



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