Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy (aka Pregnancy Massage) in Stockton, CA

Manage the Discomforts of Pregnancy with Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy

Do you know that there is relief from the discomforts of pregnancy available, via prenatal and postnatal massage therapy, from a massage therapist near you?  When a woman is pregnant, her body rapidly transitions through myriad changes in an extremely short period of time. These changes produce bodily aches, pain and overall discomfort that a mommy-to-be often endures daily. One way to soothe the discomforts triggered by pregnancy and childbirth is with a relaxing visit to a massage therapist.

Checkout some of the common discomforts of pregnancy, that prenatal and postnatal massage therapy addresses, watch the video below:


Most women are unaware that prenatal and postnatal massage therapy is different from a regular massage. Also, not every massage therapist is qualified to administer massages to pregnant women, so be sure your chosen therapist is qualified. Massage therapists must be properly trained in order to safely provide prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.

Pregnancy massage is conducted while the woman lies on her side, upon maternity massage pillows designed to provide support and comfort to both mom and baby.  The massage therapist will focus on massaging the woman’s back, neck and pelvic regions as these are the most common areas of discomfort for the mother-to-be. (Please note that the pillows I use for your massage are different from the ones shown in the image below, and I conduct your massage on a massage table, not on the floor).

Pregnancy massage is worth exploring if you’re past the first trimester of your pregnancy or if you have recently given birth. FYI: Massage during the first trimester is not recommended.  However, during the remaining six months of your pregnancy you may have a prenatal massage as often as you like, under the following conditions:

1) if you are not experiencing complications in your pregnancy and
2) your OBGYN approves.

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy

There are many health benefits to be derived from regular massage sessions, for men and woman. And, they’re super beneficial to woman who are pregnant and/or who have just given birth. The common pregnancy aches, pains and discomforts are covered in the video within this article. Suffice it to say that when a pregnant woman is stressed, so is her baby. Regular massages will help to keep stress levels under control and the mommy-to-be, relaxed as she prepares to give birth. The primary benefits of prenatal massage focus on helping the woman and her baby relax and get comfortable by lessening discomfort and enhancing well-being. Additionally, most expectant mothers are happy to learn that prenatal massage helps prepare them for labor and delivery.

Once the baby arrives, postnatal massage assists the new mom in a variety of areas:

  • assisting with the elimination of fluid retention,
  • rebalancing the new mommy’s body,
  • toning her body, and…
  • assisting the body with re-establishing its pre-pregnancy shape

One important factor soon-to-be and new mommy’s need to know about my prenatal and postnatal massages is that since I’m a Certified Level 1 Reiki practitioner, you and baby will also receive the healing benefits of Reiki during one of my massages. You can read more about Reiki energy healing, HERE:

If you are pregnant and live in the Stockton, CA area and want to relax, de-stress and manage your discomforts of being pregnant or having recently given birth and want to experience prenatal and postnatal massage therapy, give me a call at 209-436-7706.

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