HOH’s Current COVID Guidelines for Employees & Clients

HOH’s Current COVID GUIDELINES are as follows:

Safety First, Employees and Clients are Required to Wear a Mask
Safety First: All Employees and Clients are Required to Wear a Mask



Ignore Everything Shown Below: 

These Guidelines are No Longer Applicable Since the Covid Vaccine Became Available!

PREVIOUS ARTICLE TITLE: HOH’s Therapists Will be Wearing a Mask or Face Shield at All Times

Mask or Face Shield - you must wear one

To Wear a Mask or Face Shield, that is the Question

The answer is… you must wear either a mask or face shield (or a face scarf) while on the premises at Hands On Healing.

I hate to be redundant, but this is important.  Everyone will be required to wear a mask, or face shield, or some form of face covering, that is to be properly worn (nose and mouth must be covered) while visiting the spa at Hands On Healing.

The only possible three exceptions will be:

  • During a massage, while clients are lying face-down on the massage table, they are permitted to remove their mask.
  • During a client’s facial treatment – they will be required to wear a mask entering and leaving the spa.
  • When a client provides a written letter from their physician stating that due to a health issue, they cannot wear a mask. In such a case, the client always has the option of wearing their face shield.

With that having been said, below you will find links to articles about face masks and face shields. But before you check them out, I want to talk about the confusion all of us have had to contend with since the outbreak of the pandemic. There has been an untold amount of misinformation, as well as continually evolving new information available on every aspect of Covid-19!  And that has created mass confusion for everyone.

Who remembers that, initially, the American people were told that masks didn’t work?  And now we’re being told they are vitally important in preventing the spread of the virus. Talk about confusion! Come to find out, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci from the National Institutes of Health, we were apparently told that, by our government officials, with the hope of preventing a mass shortage of masks that were desperately needed by medical professionals treating Covid-19 patients. The government wanted to, and pretty much succeeded in, prevented worsening the mass shortage of masks in America. Who doesn’t remember the toilet paper hoarding that took place? No One!

I can understand why the government took that approach, but that left everyone arguing over the efficacy of masks once the CDC started advising everyone should be wearing a mask in public. People are still arguing over wearing them and some people are making headline viral news throwing temper tantrums about being forced to wear a mask in stores, restaurants, and other businesses.

Here’s the bottom line. Businesses have a moral obligation to protect their employees, clients, or customers and they may establish any rules they want to enforce, in their private establishments. Hands On Healing has a chosen philosophy of ‘Safety First,’ because they want to keep their clients and staff as safe as is humanly possible.

Now, back to the face mask vs. face shield conundrum. Once again, we are receiving mixed messages from health institutions and professionals. Below are two articles that address the mask vs. shield issue. One thinks shields are best, the other thinks the jury is still out on which is more effective.

Face Shields May Be Better Than Masks for COVID-19 – AARP
Some Prefer Face Shields to Masks. Experts Are Split on Effectiveness 

All anyone can do is try to educate themselves and then determine what works best for them.  Hands On Healing has decided that face coverings are required while on the premises, as stated above. The type of face-covering you wear is optional based on your personal preference

As for me, here’s how you will be viewing me while receiving spa services:

During massages, waxing, and other spa services, I will be wearing one of the masks in my collection.

During facials, I will be wearing a mask, PLUS a face shield, due to the close proximity necessary for this service, coupled with the fact that clients cannot wear a mask during a facial procedure.

Call and make an appointment with me, Today! I want to see you and I’m curious to know if you will be wearing a mask or a face shield.

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