Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with the Beauty Enhancing Benefits of Alcohol

Do You Know That There Are Beauty Enhancing Benefits of Alcohol?

beauty enhancing benefits of alcohol

We’re not kidding! There are beauty enhancing benefits of alcohol and when you know which ones can help to nourish your skin, you can raise a glass or two and not feel guilty!

Seriously… Who knew?

It’s no secret that drinking too much alcohol can wreak havoc on your skin. You may have personally experienced waking-up in the morning, after a night on the town, to a mirrored reflection of facial redness, splotching, dryness or a full-blown breakout. Yikes! The culprit most likely responsible for these skin reactions can often be traced right back to what you had to drink the night before. We want to give you suggestions for alcoholic beverages that will be nourishing to your skin and shouldn’t create negative reactions in your complexion.

Everyone knows drinking too much can totally mess up your life if, especially if it becomes an addition or you drink and drive!  We’re talking about having an occasional drink, here and there, while giving you drink recipes known for their beauty enhancing benefits of alcohol.

Do you know there are Beauty Enhancing Benefits of Alcohol

Who’s ready to learn which libations contain the beauty enhancing benefits of alcohol

Article Updated – June 28, 2019

When this post was originally written back in 2013 we provided a link to an article entitled: 10 Beauty-Boosting Drinks. Unfortunately, the website that contained this article is no longer in existence and we can no longer link to its content. ;-(

So, we’ve located another article that we hope will provide similar helpful information, albeit doesn’t feature as many alcoholic beverages that are complexion-friendly. If you would like to learn what alcoholic beverages are beneficial to your skin (They are displayed in the image at the top of this article) and which ones to avoid… this is a ‘must read’ before your next night out with your BFF’s or Mr. McDreamy. Get all the lip-smackin’, thirst-quenching, beauty enhancing benefits of alcohol in the replacement article below:

Choosing the Best Cocktails for Healthy Skin

These are the 6 alcoholic cocktails featured in this article (Recipes included!) Don’t let alcohol sabotage your skin. Order one of these complexion-friendly cocktails and your skin will thank you!

  • Bloody Mary
  • Sea Breeze
  • Gin & Seltzer
  • Pear Martini
  • Melon Mint Granita
  • Fresh Squeezed Juice-ade

Is this a WIN/WIN/WIN or what? Heck, anytime you can mix going out on the town + drinking + taking care of your skin at the same time, that’s all the reasons you need to go have some F-U-N!

So tell me, (leave a comment below) now that you’ve learned a thing or two about the beauty enhancing benefits of alcohol, I’m dying to know… which libation are you going to try… first?

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