Discover What Massage, Plus Reiki, Can Do to Improve Your Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Massage, Plus Reiki

Massage, Plus Reiki… What’s it All About, Alphie?

Have you ever pondered about the healthy aspects of receiving a massage, plus Reiki or do you hold a belief that getting a massage of any kind is a luxury that only the rich and famous indulge in? It’s true, having a massage can feel like an indulgent luxury but it’s so much more than that. 

There are a variety of massage techniques or styles of delivery and a variety of benefits derived from a massage that will help foster your well-being. More about the different types of massage in a moment, but first a slight, yet significant, detour.

Stop! Is Your Massage Therapist Also a Reiki Practitioner?

Are you aware of the increased healing benefits you gain when your massage therapist is also trained as a Reiki practitioner?  No?!  Keep reading to discover why you want a dual-trained Massage-Reiki bodyworker for your next massage. Massage, plus Reiki is something everyone needs to experience!

Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese form of laying-on of hands energy healing. It’s soothing, relaxing, gentle and the perfect accompaniment to any form of bodywork, including massage.  The Reiki energy flows from a trained practitioner’s hands the moment they touch someone, it’s automatic and its healing to one’s body, mind and spirit.  That means when you receive a massage from a Reiki practitioner you reap the benefits of two healing modalities for the price of one! It unfolds automatically during a massage, plus Reiki session.

Reiki Energy Healing

Bodywork & Massage Services I Provide for My Clients

‘Now, lets go over the common forms of massage therapy and bodywork treatments I include within my practice.  Swedish massage, Hot Stone massage, Deep Tissue massage, Prenatal/Postnatal massage, Reiki (as a stand-alone session and it’s automatically included with every massage) and Cupping Therapy.

Here’s a brief description of each of the above referenced services:

Swedish massage is the most commonly-known form of massage, famous for inducing a sense of relaxation, peace-of-mind and inner calm.  The massage itself is conducted by using oil on the client’s bare skin and incorporating long sweeping, circular-motions and/or rhythmical massage strokes. A Swedish massage, plus Reiki takes your relaxation to a whole new level.

Hot Stone massage is a massage that incorporates the use of heated stones.  Essentially the hot stones become an enhancement to your therapist’s healing touch.  They are used to dissolve and melt-away muscle tension and to facilitate the release of trapped energy held deep within your muscles.  Hot Stone massages are particularly popular during the winter months when people frequently experience being chilled-to-the-bone. 

Deep Tissue massage introduces the application of firm pressure into your massage. This increased pressure works deeply into muscle tissue to facilitate the release of nagging, relentless muscle tension. It also stimulates blood circulation within the muscles and promotes increased flexibility and ease of mobility. A deep tissue massage, plus Reiki adds the healing properties of energy healing to your session.

Prenatal/Postnatal massage is therapeutic bodywork specifically designed to focus on a woman’s body during (prenatal) and after (postnatal) pregnancy.  When a woman becomes pregnant her body goes through many changes, relatively quickly, that impact the function of her joints, muscles, circulation, as well as cause mental and physical fatigue.  Prenatal and Postnatal massage provides noninvasive massage techniques designed to ease the discomfort associated with pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery and helps the mother-to-be prepare for labor both physically and emotionally. Your prenatal/postnatal massage, plus Reiki enhances the healing properties to your session. It also helps the new mother’s body return to pre-pregnancy form and firmness.

Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing modality that is used as a complementary healing treatment throughout the world.  It is offered in hospitals, surgery centers, cancer centers, physical therapy centers etc., in addition to spas. It is gentle, subtle, relaxing, healing and pampering to your body, mind and spirit.

Cupping Therapy is an ancient Oriental healing treatment that uses suction to stimulate blood-flow in muscle tissue, which facilitates healing.  The cupping treatment provides the following healing benefits: Release of toxins, activates the lymphatic system, helps to reduce muscle soreness and pain and it also promotes increased oxygen-flow in one’s muscular tissues and fascia.  I include cupping therapy, upon request, into massage sessions at no extra cost to my clients.

Cupping Therapy

It’s no secret that receiving a massage is incredibly relaxing. It often puts people to sleep and induces a natural, euphoric high that makes you feel great and life in general is made to seem less hectic and stressful. Massage, plus Reiki adds all the additional benefits of energy healing to your massage with no additional expense.

How Bodywork & Massage Therapies… Work

You may be wondering… how, exactly, do these different therapies work? To me, the Traditional Chinese/Oriental Medicine perspective offers the most complete explanation.  Physicians who practice Oriental medicine believe that the skin and muscle stimulation that occurs during a massage and other bodywork therapies helps to rid the body of stagnation within a person’s energy field, or Chi (the Japanese call it “Ki,” Hawaiians call it “Mana” and in Sanskrit it’s called “Prana”).  They believe that blocked, locked and stocked-up energy is the primary cause of all dis-ease, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. 

Any healing modality (massage, Reiki, cupping therapy, for example) that releases blockages and restores the natural flow of the body’s energy, facilitates and brings about healing on every level of existence.  As my Reiki Master, Denise Crundall, used to say, doing so “…allows your body to heal itself.”

There have been many scientific studies conducted in order to evaluate the healing benefits of massage. These are the symptoms most commonly cited as being reduced by massage and coincidentally, Reiki reduces them, too:

  • Anxiety
  • Back Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress

Before you decide to get a massage there are a few health issues you need to consider, to take under advisement and/or discuss with your doctor… First.  If you have (or suspect you may have) cancer, blood disorders, open wounds, bone fractures, severe osteoporosis deep vein thrombosis or other serious health conditions must be fully evaluated between you and your doctor and then communicated to your massage therapist.  Be advised, under certain conditions your massage therapist may require written permission from your physician before they will book a session with you.

When it comes to massage, plus Reiki… the bottom line is it’s much more than a luxurious pamper session.  Massage, plus Reiki has the potential to garner far-reaching, positive effects to your overall well-being and general health status. Massage, by a dual trained Massage-Reiki practitioner, needs to be a tool in everyone’s self-care arsenal.

Those of us that work in the bodywork/massage industry often say that the world would be a much happier, healthier place if everyone could partake in a massage session once or twice a month.  When you’re ready to feel better and to have a happier personal worldview I’ve got a open massage table waiting just for you! Book your massage, plus Reiki with me, TODAY!

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